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We have currently not set up an internet shop, but should you require the following please go to the Contact Us page and send us an email, or contact Tom Hornsby on Facebook, thank you

Buying Seahorses -  We need to speak with you and arrange for you to visit us to buy your seahorses


Buying Algae - Caulerpa serrulata

Algae Caulerpa serrulata, Dragons Breath, Caulerpa Prolifica £5 plus postage

Please email us or contact us on Facebook




Buying Brine Shrimp Eggs

90% Hatch, Rate Keep eggs in fridge, First Bites, in 100 gm sealed tins

Please contact us on Facebook the cost is £20.35 including 1st class postage for 100 gms


Tigriopus Copepods

Enough to start a culture inc postage £10

You can also buy these books on how to set up and keep seahorses

So you want to keep seahorses, and So you want to keep dwarf seahorses, for sale on Amazon by Tom Hornsby £9.50 each