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We are a small family run company and have been breeding seahorses for many years.  Our mission has always been to provide healthy aquarium bred seahorses that make great pets, without taking them from the sea.  We started off as hobbyists, but it soon took over and our business was born.

How we started breeding these beautiful creatures

Some years ago we purchased a pair of seahorses. Two beautiful young Reidi one male and one female.  They grew up for some time together and were inseparable, sadly one day the female died.  She had become egg bound but we did not understand enough to do anything about it.  In fact we did not know which one was the male and which one was the female.  After she died we had the saddest seahorse in the world, or so it seemed to us.  He would not eat, he hardly moved and we were sure we were going to loose him.  We tried everywhere to get him a companion but they were so scarce that we looked for seven months for a new seahorse to keep him company.

Eventually the day came when one of our friends told us of a pet shop about 15 miles away that had young yellow seahorses. We went there and bought our new seahorse, another young Reidi.  She was only in the tank for about 5 minutes when our  lonely boy spotted her.  He came right over to her and they became the best of friends.  It was a long while after that day, the next spring in fact when the first babies were born.  We were hooked and spent the next four months doing water changes, day and night for these 29 little creatures, one of which survived.  She grew into a perfect yellow replica of mum and dad, but sadly she died quite young at 8 months old.

More research followed and we read everything, on the internet and every book we could get our hands on.  We plagued our local pet shops and the not so local ones.  We tried every method to rear the young, and then we bought some Brazilian Giant Reidi, thinking that their babies would be born larger and hardier due to the size of their parents......... well not all is as it seems....... these babies are born so small you can not believe your eyes, perfect baby seahorses perfect replicas of mum and dad and about 3 mm long.   There were a lot of them so we tried very hard to look after them....  and at last  managed to bring on another 8 These are now young adults and seem very strong and healthy. 

Because these seahorses are born here in UK we do not have to get an import licence and they do not have to spend days travelling from their place of birth.  This means they have no stress and no long period without food when you collect them.  You can even meet their parents. 

In this website you can view our seahorses and learn more about how to look after them.  We hope you enjoy your visit and that you will share your own experiences with us.